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I am not a dentist...

For the first time in almost a year I thought of how I got to this place in my life. It has been 15months since I started pursuing God with everything I am; just to find that He has been pursuing me my whole life. Back then I was standing at the beginning of a bright and promising career in Dentistry with an unparalleled ambition to make a difference. I was going to conquer the world, alone, one smile at a time! Now, many months later, I find myself on the other side of the world, hardly recognizing that person.

I traded my white coat for a Global Challenge jacket, thinking that after a few months I would just reverse the transaction and get a full refund on my life. This changes nothing. The 20year plan is still in motion but just on hold for a year. But then I started making more trades. At first it was small things that seemed similar: latex gloves for work gloves, mirrors and syringes for note books and blogs, veggies for starch, individual patients for crowds and my car for the privilege of walking. Read More

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