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Raw obedience

Raw obedienceOne of the central themes that began to emerge in the last few months in our Global family locally and abroad was the importance of obedience; of listening to the Lord’s voice at all cost.

Counting people that responded to the Lord’s voice in going short term, medium term and long term I can’t help but believe that God is speaking; He is definitely speaking!

When God tells us to minister to someone on the street or go to Jordan, He is asking to trust Him and His word above human threats or personal fears. What we not fully understand is that faith is not one-sided; God is asking us to trust Him because He trusts us.

Though it will be different for each of us, God wants to entrust us with something or someone. Jesus said, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom” (Luke 12:32). Our Father wants to give us the entire Kingdom! The process of learning obedience makes us trustworthy to receive our Father’s purposes for us.

The only way we could ever be trusted with growing numbers of church plants to develop, students to teach, infants to feed and prisoners to love in a nation, we have learned to stick with obedience which means walking in unbroken loyalty to His voice. We know that obedience is our only hope of survival and nothing fuels your passion for trusting and obeying God like a walk through the dark. Not seeing, but believing.

It is with great respect that I want to mention those who obeyed; trusting God in leaving their own country on a long term period, knowing that they might have earned a Ph.D in “what not to do” in the field of obedience, mercifully God are strengthening them in loyalty to His voice and God is showing Himself as faithful. It is our “what not to do” experiences that are particularly valuable because they unlock the treasure hidden in Heb 5:8 “Although Jesus was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered.”

Let’s invite Jesus to encounter us with His love and awaken our passion for Him. Invite Him to give you His very own heart to always do what pleases the Father. You were worth Jesus obedience, and He is worth yours. He really did it all for us, and when such love overtakes our life, it leaves no contenders; and the surest way to be overtaken by His love is to pursue His voice above all others.


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