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Wrecked for the ordinary

on Monday, 10 March 2014 12:56.

On 28 June 2014 a group of radically-committed followers  who are  seeking His Kingdom and devoted to being stretched and challenged and walking with Jesus, were sent out into all the world to proclaim the good news to all those who they will meet.

Our 3 Nations Africa team went to Zvishavane in Zimbabwe to serve the church by doing house visits and helping out with a local project that reaches out to orphans in the village. The next leg of their journey was filled with painting, building and playing with children in Livingston, Zambia. They ended off their journey with a Luke 10 adventure through the beautiful Botswana.

3 Nations Asia went on a pilgrimage throughout South East Asia. They served and encouraged local Christians in Vietnam that spread the Gospel through English classes. From there they over landed through Cambodia, visiting a few historical sights and preparing for their Luke10 journey down to Phuket. The team ended of their journey by getting their hands dirty doing physical labour at a Christian based organization in Phuket.

Short term update 2

There is a window of opportunity like never before in the Middle East; a hunger, an openness towards the love of God, and a search for truth.  The Crossroads Phase 2 team took hands with the local church in Al Mafraq, Jordan, to answer to this need by delivering physical and spiritual necessities to the Syrian refugees. The last few days was spent on visiting the archaeological city of Petra and the Dead Sea.

Our Mozambique & Swaziland team started off by serving at local clinics and churches in Inhambane. Thereafter they set out to go and serve a missionary in Swaziland who runs a daily feeding program for 5000 children.

Short term update 1

Team members now continue with their mission trip in their own towns, spreading stories of sick people, now healed… the oppressed, now free… the lost, having found hope in Jesus Christ. All the glory to Jesus!

Urgent response to Syria

on Monday, 20 January 2014 16:37.

Syrian womenThe Syrian civil war started in 2011 and up to date 6 million people has been displaced either in or around Syria. A civil war has the ability to destroy a country not only physically, but also emotionally.

God is using this humanitarian crisis to open hearts that are hungry and thirsty for the truth. This window of openness will only last for a limited time period. Along with the body of Christ, we need to respond urgently to this opportunity.

As an organization we have been drawn toward this war torn area and in response we sent out a family who will be part of a team, working and living in Jordan. The short term team we will be linking up with the local Jordanians and reaching out to Syrian refugees - listening to their stories and getting to know a broken nation. We will be doing house visits and distributing necessities while drinking tea and spreading the hope and love that Jesus brings. There is also a big need for school teachers and therapist as we have the opportunity to reach out the children with Cerebral Palsy (CP).


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